Thursday, December 10, 2009

Recent Updates..

Bonjour!! Sorry for the long pause..been busy entertaining my aunty and her daughters who came last week..and my brother is here too! fetched him at the airport the other day..big thanks to them kerana sudi membawa belacan, sambal tempe, roti canai, kicap, cili sos (kicap dgn cili sos kat paris tak sedap!) dan yang paling penting cili padiku!! gumbiranya hatiku heee..=D

Anyway as usual we tour paris throughout the whole are some photos!

Around the area of Opéra National de Paris..

Noticed the two identical building? Actually all the buildings surrounding them are identical, but my camera screen only fits two buildings.. =)

Eiffel Tower II..

On my third visit I finally managed to get to the top of the tower! yeayy!

Going Up!

One side from Eiffel..

Second side from Eiffel..

Another side from Eiffel..

Yet another side from Eiffel..see the sunlight spot?

All of us..

Gustave Eiffel..

Gustave's daughter Claire and his famous guest, the American inventor Thomas Edison..

My mother with her daughter and son.. =)

Flag of Malaysia on the highest level of Eiffel Tower..

Later guys! ;)


  1. cantik la view dari tower...asal aku pegi nampak kabus je dulu...neway bangunan2 die pon semua cantik...geographicly and geologicly (hahah bantai je) tanah kat france antara tanah paling kotor kat muka bumi nie...pelik


  2. memang cantik..kalau tengok real lagi cantik dari gambar..cantik sangat daripada atas..actually on the ground kita nampak bangunan dia lama2 n klasik..dari atas tower we know why dia maintain dia punya bangunan..