Friday, November 27, 2009

Eid Al-Adha 2009/1430H

The beginning of the month of Zulhijjah 1430 have been confirmed on Wednesday, November 18, 2009. Assembly of Arafa, will be on Thursday, 9 Zulhijjah 1430 corresponding to November 26, 2009.

Therefore, the feast of Eid Al Adha will be celebrated on:
Friday, November 27, 2009 corresponding to 10 Zulhijjah 1430.

Prayer of Eid Al-Adha will be held at the Mosque of Paris at 9 am sharp.

On this occasion, Dr. Dalil Boubakeur, rector of the Muslim Institute of the Great Mosque of Paris extends his best wishes to the entire Muslim community of France.

So we went to Grande Mosquée de Paris for the prayer this morning. Salam Aidiladha to all my beloved family and friends...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Last night was my first French class!! Omigod it was fun!! I never thought that the class would be in so much fun!! Seriously I really enjoyed the class!! Best class ever in my entire life!! Hahahah sorrylah ter’excited’ sikit..but I am not exaggerating..mmg best..seumur hidop aku, aku tak penah masuk class yg best mcm ni..2 jam tak rasa apa..tau2 lagi 5 minit class dah nak habes..kalau kat m’sia 2 jam aku dah terngantuk2 dlm class..hahah! yg ni aku balik umah tersenyum riang, gumbira, happy, rasa nak melompat2, sume ada! =D

I gain new experience through this class. Now only I know what it feels like to study abroad. I may not know entirely and technically, but at least I get the picture. I have seen in movies/television/documentaries/conferences on how the system works, but when I experience it myself, I know the real feeling.

Let me tell you my theory. People in general normally learn various languages, including their mother tongue. People in Malaysia in particular customarily learn three languages; Bahasa, English and Arabic. I have been to classes of those three languages before myself, be it formally at school, or leisurely at a language centre, or even privately at home. We used to learn a theory first, then only the practice/application/implementation/training, whatever you like call it, comes (if and only if it does come! Sometimes it does not come at all!).

If we look into Arabic for instance, we keep learning muannath, muzakkar from kindergarden until we finished high school. We keep memorising fi’il mudhori’, fi’il madhi, fi’il ammar until we graduated. Same thing as in English, we keep being taught with past tense, present tense, future past tense, which one is singular, which one is plural. Lots and lots of theories along the way, leaving practical things behind. Last night, I learned the opposite way. Exercise comes first, then only the theory. You learn how to talk first, just talk as much as you like, any way you like, tunggang terbalik pun tak apa, then only you learn where were you wrong. For example, when you say a sentence, say “I am a Chinese”, if the teacher spots the grammatical error, then only will the teacher say okay, there is a mistake, and he corrects it; how to say the same sentence if you are a Chinese girl, or if you are a Chinese boy. That way I learn faster, because I practice. What I learned back in Malaysia, we have to make sure the grammatical sentence is correct, then only we have the guts to say it out loud. That way we never learn from our mistake and we do not remember things. Get me?

When I say we practice, I really do mean practice. Whatever form of practical things you may like; conversations, dialogue, games etc. In 2 hours I could sit at three different places in that small class. At first I was sitting at one corner of the classroom, and then I moved to the other side, next thing I know I was in front of the class playing games tulis kat papan kapur! Memang tak duduk diam, that is why 2 jam tak rasa apa. The class was very active and fast, which means I have to catch things up real quick! nak menulis pun tak sempat. But that way I learn fast. I won the competition in the games, twice! haha Malaysian beat up Thailandese..hahah!

Cikgu aku sgt best. He has characters; funny, jovial, relax, not to mention young and handsome! Lagi handsome dari Brad Pitt! Hahah. But seriously, I think a teacher plays very crucial role in delivering something. In this class, the teacher will never speak in English, apatah lagi Bahasa Melayu, hahah! When he teaches, he will try to explain it in French as much as he could. If we come across a word that none of us know, he will never give the word in English, he will try to explain it in French instead, paling-paling tidak dia akan bagi signal..rupa-rupanya yg dia dok cakap tu ialah nurse!!hahah..Bahasa Inggeris diharamkan di dalam kelas. Sape2 dia dengar cakap English memang kena..hahaha..To me it is the exact method because I understand and remember quickly. They do not need to use high tech equipment to teach, enough with the precise methodology. Just imagine I can remember all my classmates, their names, nationalities, professions, etc..memanglah tak ramai, 9 orang je..but in two hours I can explain their brief biography in French! Siap boleh suruh eja nama kalau tak the way I am the only Malaysian, others are from the United States, Thailand, China, Mexico, Oman, Saudi Arabia etc. In two hours I learned a lot, does not feel like a burden, like I said, it is not like what I expected. I wish these kind of methods can be applied in Malaysia. I am thinking of doing the same thing in my tutorial class. So my future students beware! You may experience new things with me!hahah!

Something else to share - I have few little nephews and niece who went to international schools. If you look at them you can see how different they are. I am not saying that those who went to ordinary school tak baik, I went there myself. All I am saying is that you can see the difference in their personalities, the way they communicate with people, their confidence and friendliness. At international school, they really enjoy going to school..yg tadika pun tak takot gi sekolah. They really love their teachers. Wherever they see their teachers they run and hug them! Every morning they go to school, the headmaster/mistress will wait at the doorstep to greet them! And like I said before, more exercises and presentations; bring your most favourite thing, bring your pet, and talk about it, anything that you like. If the child macam terdiam, yelah budak2 tadika, the teacher will assist them, asking why is this thing is your most favourite thing, who bought it for you, do you like the colour, so on and so forth. Ask questions so that they respond and talk..kalau budak2 yg dah besar sikit, tell the class your hobbies, if you collect football player cards, baseball cards, bring them to class and show your friends, and once in a while the teachers will bring them out, go to the post office for instance, teach them how to write a letter, send a letter to your parents, how to glue stamps, how to put it in the post-box..tak ke seronok budak2. They really enjoy going to school..aku yg dah tua bangka masuk class ni pun seronok..hehehe..balik mesia my niece terkejot, culture shock..masuk class sekolah biasa darjah 2 cikgu garang nak mampus..”sape tak bawak homework datang sekolah esok cikgu rotan!!”..tak ke tekejot berok budak tuh..haihhh..

Can’t wait to go to my second class! =)

Disclaimer: All statements and opinion given are in writer’s personal capacity and without prejudice. They have no relation with any individual or organisation. Those who study abroad feel free to share with me your experience. I love to learn new things!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


The Avenue des Champs-Élysées, one of the most famous streets in the world..

Disney Store, Champs Élysées, Paris..she's beautiful, isn't she? =)

Louis Vuitton in Paris' prestigious avenue..aku pening masuk dalam tu..bangunan dia bertingkat-tingkat dan bulat tapi berliku-liku..dan lagi sekali aku menyampah, geraamm, sakit ati sume ada tgk diorang beli mcm beli dengan daun kering..hahah..

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Registered my French class today. The fees is quite expensive! I am taking the evening classes. That way it would not affect my schedule during the day; going to the university, the libraries and meetings with my professor.

Alliance Française Paris Ile-de-France

It has been a long time since I went for classes..haha rasa macam dah beku otak ni nak masuk class balik..all this while was just research..last time I went for formal classes was the research methodology class back in UM..itupun dlm class main2 je dgn wahidah..haha..kan kak dah kan..

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

An Acquaintance..

My youngest brother is coming! yeayy!! senanglah nak teman aku ke sana ke mari..hhehe..he bought his ticket today..well, actually I was the one who bought the airline ticket for him.. =) Following 3 days after his arrival is my aunty with her 2 daughters. Can't wait!

Today I met new people at my centre, who happen to be in the same room with me. Each and everyone of them has their own field of research. One is a Belgian. His expertise is in psychology, more or less, teaching in Switzerland, living in Belgium, working in France. Kind of hectic don't you think? Well, he admits it. The other one is a French, who is an expert in philosophy of logic, teaching in Université de Paris 10. Eric, the one I told you before is in ethno-mathematics, Nadine is in physics philosophy and Sylvia is in Jewish studies/Hebrew manuscipt, also teaches in Italy. Very nice people though. They already have their PhD but I tell ya they look very young! Not to mention handsome and stylish too..ahakss..

P/s: hoping for my father and my younger brother to come soon!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Versailles & Giverny..

We went to Versailles yesterday..the weather was cold and windy there..

Next, we headed to Claude Monet, Giverny..

See the apple tree?..but sangatlah rugi pegi time skang coz of the autumn/winter..sume layu..suasana sangatlah menyedihkan..very gloomy..lavenders were supposed to fill all over the ground..

Dinner time..

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Motivational Quotes..

Last Monday I visited an emeritus professor whom I will be working with while I am in Paris. Former Director and the Founder of the centre I am in right now. He's aged, yet strong and very humble man. Wrote few series of encyclopedias, countless books and journals, currently working on last volume of one of his encyclopedias. His treatises are all over Paris bookshops, not to mention worldwide. He has his office where he does his research everyday, next to his house. We had a discussion at his office for about one hour and a half, I feel very tiny sitting in front of big names like him. Two things I remember him saying until now, and I will bear in mind until the end of my life..

If you help yourself, I will help you. If you guide yourself, I will guide you.

You have to work really hard. You and your professor (my supervisor) must work very hard.

These two things may seem as simple as it can be but when the words come from brilliant scholar like him, who devoted his life to write things that will last forever, even if he dies, that really touches my heart. Sangat menusuk kalbuku.. May Allah bless him and his family.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Garden..

Jardin de Luxembourg..

Aku tak suka amik gambar dgn mak aku..nampak aku sgt besar..yg sebenarnya bukan aku yg besar, coat tu yg besar..bukan saiz aku..agagagagaga..

Last night we went to get some kebab..very nice kebab but tak habis makan..banyak sangat..anyway I can have almost everything in Malaysia, here in Paris, like beras, santan, susu cair, except for one thing, cili padi..punyalah penat aku carik cili padi, kat pasar, kat supermarket, kat kedai jepun, heheh..tapi tak jumpa..taktaulah..maybe aku yg tak habis round lagi bandar paris ni.. =)

p/s: ifa, u know how angry I am without cili padi in my food.. *wink*

Special Wish to Bekteryofudge..

I would like to dedicate this entry to my special friend, Diana Haliza. Happy Birthday babe! Hope you have a blast on your birthday. Wishing you every happiness in the world and may all your dreams come true.

Dude, I tried to call you many times but u did not pick up..i guess maybe u tengah kena baling telur..hehehe..anyway sorry gua cilok gamba lu..hehehe..i learn from u i like the picture very much..*wink2*

Happy Burst Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s: Thank you very much for the special entry dude..i feel honoured..really appreciate it!!muaxxx!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Open Market..

Last Sunday we went to an open market. It is said that this is the largest open market in Paris. Variety of things are sold here. Clothes, shoes, women/men accesories, souvenirs, leather goods, antiques, f&b, car boot sale at one angle. Aku rasa sume benda ada kat situ, belacan je takde. Kawasan dia sangatlah besar, memang tak terjalan. Kalau setakat uptown cheras tu celah gigi dia je..hehehe..anyway I did not get anything for myself..entah..takde yg berkenan..punyalah banyak barang kat situ, aku boleh tak beli apa2..sampai kena cop cerewet dgn dr.fauzi,hehehe..dia shopping banyak..heheh..hmm anyways my mum got herself a pair of boots, and a very nice green winter jacket..

sedar tak sedar dari pagi sampai petang habis masa kat market tu je..sorry no photo for you guys..the place is too crowded to snap photos..maybe next time.. =)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Most Awaited Eiffil Tower...

A view from the Eiffel Tower on one side..

A view from the Eiffel Tower on the other side..matahari direct masa ni..tapi still sejuk..

My apartment..

Friday, November 6, 2009

Sightseeing II

Today..more sightseeing, but on books. We visited as much bookshops as we could. Found a few books for me but tak beli dulu. Nak survey sume dulu. We took a bus from our house to Panthéon area.

The Panthéon.. Pardon my mum amik gambar senget..hehe

Universite de Paris, Faculte de Droit

I am not praying, it is just the cold weather.. =)

See the Eiffel? =)

Kacau daun betul mamat sebelah ni..haihh..

One of the bookshops..

The Grande Mosquée de Paris..Alhamdulillah dapat visit masjid..

French people are very stylish, fashionable, trendy dan yg sewaktu dengannya. Yelah, kata pun world class fashion datang dari sini.. Aku sangat suka tengok style diorang. Even the old ones are stylish. Another thing I notice is the cars. If in Germany they use Mercedes as taxi, here they use Peugeot. Lots and lots of Peugeot. Almost all of Peugeot models jadik taxi je kat sini. Remember the "Taxi" movie? They used white Peugeot 407 in that film. Lots of Volkswagen & Toyota too, but as private cars.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009


This is a picture of me at my university..

Last time I was in Paris in 1992. I was in Standard 2 at that time. I remember visiting the Eiffel Tower with my family. At that time we just managed to go up until Level 2 because they closed the last level due to mist.

Today we took only half day at the centre and decided to go sightseeing. After having our lunch the five of us went to The Sacré-Coeur. Well, basically it is a church. It is surrounded by big town, like in Malaysia we have Chow Kit. Here the winter clothes are very cheap! And a wide selection of souvenirs, key-chain, glasses, t-shirts, you name it.

aku rasa badan aku sama besar dgn church tu..hahaha..

Next we headed to LaFayette. If in London they have Harrods, here they have LaFayette. They even have a bus-stop named after this dude. Busy and expensive place. A lot of people shopping. And let me repeat - shopping - not just window shopping. Diorang beli bag LV and all these branded things macam beli baju kat pasar malam. And then beli bag LV sume paperbag besar macam mesin basuh, mesin basuh aku pun lagi kecik. Gila. Swipe credit card kat Gucci macam tak payah bayar credit card tu. Sakit ati aku tengok. Nyampah. Hehe. But seriously, not just a few of them, plenty!

Then we visited Louvre, the famous museum, but only from the outside. It is still open but we decided to enter Louvre during the weekend as there will be plenty of time for us to walk around the whole building. From here also we can see the Eiffel Tower, sangat begemerlapan. Tapi aku tak amik gambar, amik gambar Louvre je.

This is the five of us..

Then hari pun dah malam kami pun baliklah..

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS), Université Paris Diderot - Paris 7

2nd November was my first day to my university (2nd day of arrival)..Early in the morning my supervisor teach me how to ride a bus to my is easier to take a bus than metro coz you have to change the train twice...with a bus i can reach my centre in 10 minutes the centre i was introduced to some room is a room of 4 researchers..i get to know Sylvia, Nadine and Eric..everyone here at the centre speaks English whether they are French or Italian so there is not much problem with the language..but I am planning to learn some French also..Later in the afternoon I get to meet and have a discussion with the Director of the centre, Pascal Crozet..very charismatic yet simple kind of guy..In the evening the four of us plan to walk back home..the centre and my house is within walking distance so it is not that far to the scenery is just breathtaking as I walk along the Seine River..

I go to the centre to work on my research almost everyday except for the weekend..I come to the centre around 9.30am and I go back before dark..Maghrib is around 5.30pm..I plan to take my mother tour Paris during the weekend..

1st day in Paris...

My plane landed at Charles de Gaulle International Airport on 1st November 2009 (Sunday) at 7.00am (2.00pm Malaysia time)..Alhamdulillah everything went smoothly..Our flight had no problem and transit at Abu Dhabi for 2 hours was just nice..not too long and not too short.. when we arrived at Paris Airport there was no problem with the immigration and custom check.. Alhamdulillah..airport dia sangat not expect very high-tech building and all..our KLIA is way too modern..anyway their immigration and custom check were very hassle..just show them your passport and they will stamp it..that’s embarkation card, visa whatsoever..coz Malaysian citizen do not require visa to enter France (not more than 90 days)..they do not ask you your purpose of entering france, where to stay, for how long, exact date of going back.. no red lane or green such thing..unlike japan...

We (my mother and I) were fetched by my supervisor..We took a cab to our takes about 30 minutes to reach Paris 13 by car..I was told that it is about the same time if we ride the train (metro)..we have a very small but nice house..the owner is nice as well..imagine like a hotel room with a double bed and a desk with a bathroom in a small kitchen...although it is small (studio type) but it is newly renovated in a very modern building with security and all..not that classical french building..there is also a gymnasium and washing machine while waiting for my laundry I can ride on the treadmill since I need to burn a lot of fat due to cold weather..hehe..internet is no is accessible almost it plug-in or house is near to a supermarket, gas station, metro station and a surau owned by Muslim African if I am not mistaken..

After settling the rental agreement with the owner and getting to know the area, my supervisor invited us to his house for breakfast where these 3 gentlemen (including his housemates) cooked very nice nasi lemak..(when you are in Paris nasi lemak tastes very delicious!) was very nice of them to have our breakfast ready..after that we went to a fresh market nearby where my mother bought some vegetables, fish and prawns..i got myself some fresh is not that expensive if you are local..when you think of its conversion then only it becomes expensive..but not necessarily..there are some things even after you convert you can have just about the same price as in Malaysia, such as beras, cooking oil, kacang buncis..fresh meat yes..they are expensive..but since we buy in small quantity it does not cost us that much..there is a shopping complex at the end of the market but we did not get a chance to go in..we were tired..perhaps next time..after that we went to get some halal meat at a shop mother bought some chicken and meat..there is also lamb and burung merpati..hehehe..

Most of the shops here close on it is not very pleasant to go around on Mondays..when we arrived the weather was not that cold..if you put on a sweater it should be enough..but it is getting colder nowadays as it is towards the end of autumn and winter is coming rains almost everyday..public transports are very efficient..i managed to get monthly pass for metro and bus with the help of my supervisor..i can ride the metro or the buses eiffel tower and my house are in the same line of metro..

When we went back home that evening we started unpacking our clothes..we went to bed quite early as we are still adapting the 7hour-time-difference..

Well, that’s all for my first day in Paris.. =)