Friday, January 22, 2010

For the last three months..

Sedar tak sedar dah 3 bulan aku kat Paris ni..time passes by very quickly without me realizing it..perasaan aku memang bercampur baur nak tinggalkan Paris ni..banyak sgt kenangan yg tak mungkin aku here we go..

My new experience in life began here..

For the last 3 months, inilah pemandangan sekitar kawasan rumah aku di Paris..sceneries that caught my eyes when I first stepped into the area..

For the last 3 months, this is the first thing that I see everytime I get out of my of Parisians' creative innovation..I really like it..

This is the nearest bus-stop and train station to my house..buses and trains that got me to my ride almost everyday for the last 3 months..

Regular places that I have been to for the last 3 months..

My department..

My university library..

The National Library..walking distance from my house..

Research Library..

My favourite bookshop..

My mother & I favourite flourist..also walking distance from my house..

Beautiful people I have been mingling around for the last 3 months..

Mary, Jeremy & Malia, hope to see you guys in Malaysia this coming October.. =)

Emeritus Professor Dr. Roshdi Rashed..the one and only..nuff said..

Director Pascal Crozet..thank you very much for all the hospitalities you have given me for the last 3 months..

Sorrylah ter'sentimental' sikit sejak akhir-akhir nihhh..

A few words to conclude Paris..if you love history, music, art & fashion, Paris is a perfect place for you..

And my experience continues..England, here I come! =)

Friday, January 15, 2010

My trip to Holland..

Our journey began here..

Paris/Gare du Nord, the busiest railway station in Europe, the third busiest in the world after Shinjuku & Ikebukuro station in Tokyo, or so they've said. I have been to Shinjuku station, yes it was a very busy place, but tak rasa sesak know why? Because Japanese walk very fast yet tersusun, as if time is really precious to them, but Parisians? They walk very fast but kelam-kabuuuuuuttt!! as if macam dah terlambaaaaaaaat sangat2 nak pegi ke satu2 tempat! Anyway the 3-hour journey from Paris by train stopped at Brussel, Antwerpen (they did the dance clip at this station!-akmal, take note, *wink*), Rotterdam & Schiphol Airport, before stopping at Amsterdam Centraal..

Amsterdam is the largest city of the Netherlands situated in North Holland, bicycle-friendly city & driving a car here is discouraged. When we arrived, we went to its central square, riding the tram (they have their trams built all over Amsterdam), tak banyak jalan2 utk kete..aku mmg tak reti nak lintas jalan kat situ..trams, bicycles, cars, sume dalam satu jalan..

The Dam Square..

Floating flower market..

Holland's, or shall I say The Netherlands' trademark..

Holland's traditional waffles..I luv 'em!!

cuba teka ni apa..i bought the small one.. =)

Lepas jln2 kat Amsterdam kami pun bertolak ke Leiden, a city situated in South Holland..took only half an hour by train to Leiden Centraal..

Leiden main street..

View from our hotel..

One of the good facilities for cyclists..

Leiden University..well, actually inilah tujuan sebenar aku datang ke sini..thehihihihi..

The Library..met a Dutch who speaks Indonesian! aku mcm blur kejap bila mat saleh tinggi lampai tu dtg kat aku ckp indon..hahaaa..well..he's married to an Indonesian no wonder..

See the Indonesian word? memang banyak perkataan Indon di sini yg digunapakai oleh orang2 Belanda..tapi aku rasa Indon yg cedok dari dia, sbb dia yg jajah indon..ntahlaaa..yg penting my trip to Leiden reminds me of my home summore!!a lot of Asian restaurants..keluar2 hotel restoran indon sebelah tu je..jumpa tempe, sambal petai..nyammmyyy..

Inilah sungai2 yg membeku yg aku lalu untuk sampai ke library..thanks to Dr. Fauzi for showing me around the city & thanks to Dr. Wan & family for inviting me to their place.. =)

Before going back to Paris, we went for a canal cruise in Amsterdam..snapped few photos..sungai agak beku actually but sonok tengok boat tu pecahkan ais..but I don't know which canal cruise is better, Amsterdam or Venice..sbb tak penah naik yg Venice punya..but plan to!!heheeee..

All aboard!!masa ni aku pakai 8 lapis sbb Amsterdam jauhhhh laggiiii sejuuuuuukkkkkk dari Paris!bukan aku dah gemok okayyy... =p

Masa ni dah nak balik Paris..the temperature was -8!!aku memang tak tahan masa ni..muka dah merah2..kaki dah beku..tangan dah kering sampai luka2..tapi sempat lagi bergambar heheh..

ingatkan balik Paris panaslah sikit, rupa2nya tidak sama sekali, malahan salji telah turun sekali lagi...anyway our train was delayed about one hour and a half but we received compensation in cash!!berbaloi rasanya hihi..

Well..that's all for my trip to Holland..enjoy peeps~