Friday, February 19, 2010

My Last Entry..

Setiap yang bermula pasti ada pengakhirannya..begitu jugalah dengan pengalamanku selama berada di luar negera..pengalaman yg tak mungkin aku to know new people from all walks of life..various cultures and attitudes..tapi dalam masa yang sama aku tetap tidak melupakan apa yang berlaku di tanah airku..

Weddings that I missed for the last almost four months..

1)Nuri's wedding
2)Mai's wedding
3)Izan's wedding
4)Liza's wedding
5)Mazat's wedding
6)Fida's wedding
7)Adha's wedding
8)Ayun's wedding
9)Maman's engagement
10)Yan's engagement

Thank you for all of your invitations and congratulations!! I am very happy for all of you guys.. =D

Happy occasions that I missed for the last almost four months..

1)Hari Raya Aidiladha..
2)Awal Muharram..
3)My father's birthday..
4)The delivery of Noi's baby!! To Mikael Farish..welcome into the Noi and Kerol, I am very happy for both of you..semoga kehadiran Mikael menambah keceriaan hidup kalian berdua.. =D
5)The delivery of Lydia's second child..
6)The delivery of Wantie's first baby girl! Congrats to Noi, Lydia & Wantie
7)Last but never least..the development stages of my beloved nephew, Adam Muhammad! Mak Ngah miss you soooooo much!! Can't wait to see you!

Sad and depressing events that I missed for the last almost 4 months..

1)Chu Limah was admitted..couldn't get up and walk for nearly a month I think..but now Alhamdulillah dah beransur pulih..

2)The death of my servant's mother...felt realllyyy sorryyyy for her...apa yg menyedihkan ialah she just got back from indon one week..apa yg lebih menyedihkan ialah she cried out loud for no reason the day before her mother passed if she already knew her mother was going to leave her forever..apa yg lebih menyedihkan lagi ialah dia mendapat berita kematian ibunya melalui telefon bimbitnya sewaktu dia tengah webcam dengan aku! memang aku terasa sangat.. =( ..Al-Fatihah..

My conclusion for European people:

French people? They are helpful..even if they don't speak English at all, you can still managed to get their help..same goes to Italian, German and Swiss..

Dutch people? They are helpful AND they speak English AND they are friendly..even when you are about to cross a road, they can still tegur u nicely while riding on a motorbike..

British people? Their hospitalities are the BEST!!! =D

orang kata..hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri..lebih baik negeri sendiri..

aku kata..hujan salji di negeri orang, hujan lebat di negeri sendiri..lebih baiklaaa hujan saljiiiii..lagi besttt..boleh maenn snowballlll..hahaaaaaa..

I suppose this is my last entry for this blog..the blog which I created to tell people about my experience..people who care about me back in Malaysia..

I do not have a FB account..yeahh I know..memang mundur..but I have no intention of having one anytime chill peeps~

whether I want to continue blogging or not?hmmm....we'll see.........

See you in the next chapter of my life.................................

Friday, February 12, 2010


We arrived in Oxford last Friday..went to the city the next day..very beautiful city..but the weather is still cold and windy and snowy..

Well, my short stay here in Oxford is just an informal visit..just grabbing the opportunity to find some references here in Oxford University to know new people here around Oxford..

High Street, Oxford..

Broad Street, Oxford..

Oxford Central Mosque..besarkan?

My house in Oxford is just 10 minutes away to the city centre by bus..I live with 3 Malaysian students from Oxford Brookes University..very nice girls I must say..It is a double-storey house with 5 rooms in it..Alhamdulillah quite comfortable for me & my mom..

Headington, Oxford..

Street towards my house..

This is my street..

This is my house in Oxford..

Obtained my Bodleian card on my second day..

Oxford University comprises nearly 40 libraries, located in departments, faculties and colleges. Its main research library consists of 3 buildings..

The Old Bodleian..

The New Bodleian..

The Radcliffe Camera..bila masuk library ni rasa macam masuk library Harry Potter..

But I spend most of my time here in the Radcliffe Science is where I found my references most..

The libraries sangat canggih..especially the Bodleian Library..aku sangat kagum..ingatkan Paris dgn Leiden punya dah canggih dah..rupanya tidak..adib, if u think Paris punya dah canggeyyy..come and see Oxford library..

The tower..

The oldest coffee house in Europe..the drink is very nice..

Oxford city is surrounded by university colleges..these colleges are actually yg membangunkan city oxford ni dan menjadikan ia tourist attraction..visitors may have to pay to see the inside of these colleges..a very unique way of developing a city..

Magdalen College..they have a park in it..

Keble College..this college is open for public..most of the colleges aren't..

Christchurch College..where Harry Potter movie shooting took place..

One fine day I walked alone in the city centre..from far I could recognize a Malaysian was walking from the opposite way..bila dah dekat suddenly we both macam kenal..she said, madiha ehhh??and I was like...aliah ehhh?? was my long lost friend!!we were schoolmates back in seaport..classmates actually during form 4..both terkejut..kat k.j tak jumpa tetibe kat oxford leh jumpa!haha what a small world..had lunch with her the next day and the next next next day.. =D

Both of us do our research in Oxford University..tapi amik gambar kat Oxford Brookes..hahaaa..kelaka...

hmmmmm..banggakan jadi anak Malaysia? =D

All of my housemates..except yg kiri sekali n the one on my left..just visiting oxford for a while...

Selingan: my mum went to Bath while we are in Oxford..haii sempat lagi berjalan..tapi aku tak ikut.. ;)

Monday, February 8, 2010

My Trip to the United Kingdom..

We took Eurostar to London..

Arrived at St. Pancras International..

Macam biasa terus cari kereta untuk father asked for a medium size car..We didn't know what kind of car they were going to give us..tup tup.. dream car again!!serius tak expect dia akan bagi the same car as in Europe!cuma warna je!..sukanya hatiiii..aku rasa aku memang ditakdirkan untuk drive kereta ni..hahaha.. =D but tetiba nak tukar right-hand drive kat UK dah kekok balik..baru dapat adjust left-hand drive..haihhh..

Tanpa membuang masa we headed straight away to Durham, New Castle, meeting my cousin studying there..

My younger brother, my mother & I in front of her house in Bowburn, Durham..

The Angel of the North..

New Castle City..sangat cantik..

Durham Castle..they claimed that Harry Potter movie shooting was taken from this castle..I don't know how true it is..but I think the Cristchurch in Oxford are more likely to be the shooting place..

After New Castle, we went to Lake District..sangatlah besar lake dia..the lake can be seen from 9 different places; west, east, central, mid-west so on and so forth..

After that we went to Kent, stayed for a while at Hever Golf & Country Club..

Few places we went before going to Central London..

The famous Oxford Street..

This is where I lived when I was in London in 1992..Ivor Court near Baker's Street..still looks the same..

The Buckingham Palace..

My official meeting with the Queen and Barack & Michelle Obama.. ;)

They were looking at their official photographer and I was looking at mine.. ;p

Change of Guard at Buckingham Palace..

Hard Rock..

The Big Ben..

The London Eye..

Part of Houses of Parliament/Palace of Westminster..

Tower Hill Station..

Tower of London..

Tower Bridge..

Me with Tom Cruise..Katie Holmes jangan marah yerrr.. ;)

Zac Efron..


George Clooneyyyy..

Brad Piiiiitttttttttttttt!!!!!

Sherlock Holmes..

Camden Town..

Malaysia Hall London..

The Trafalgar Square..dulu banyak burung2..boleh kasik makan..skang dah takde..sedih.. =(

Spot the Malaysian flag? That's the Ministry of Tourism..

Marble Arch..

Portobello Market..

Regent's Park..


huhhhh..tetibe rasa panjang la pulak entry nih..*sigh*..enjoy peeps!~ ;)