Friday, January 22, 2010

For the last three months..

Sedar tak sedar dah 3 bulan aku kat Paris ni..time passes by very quickly without me realizing it..perasaan aku memang bercampur baur nak tinggalkan Paris ni..banyak sgt kenangan yg tak mungkin aku here we go..

My new experience in life began here..

For the last 3 months, inilah pemandangan sekitar kawasan rumah aku di Paris..sceneries that caught my eyes when I first stepped into the area..

For the last 3 months, this is the first thing that I see everytime I get out of my of Parisians' creative innovation..I really like it..

This is the nearest bus-stop and train station to my house..buses and trains that got me to my ride almost everyday for the last 3 months..

Regular places that I have been to for the last 3 months..

My department..

My university library..

The National Library..walking distance from my house..

Research Library..

My favourite bookshop..

My mother & I favourite flourist..also walking distance from my house..

Beautiful people I have been mingling around for the last 3 months..

Mary, Jeremy & Malia, hope to see you guys in Malaysia this coming October.. =)

Emeritus Professor Dr. Roshdi Rashed..the one and only..nuff said..

Director Pascal Crozet..thank you very much for all the hospitalities you have given me for the last 3 months..

Sorrylah ter'sentimental' sikit sejak akhir-akhir nihhh..

A few words to conclude Paris..if you love history, music, art & fashion, Paris is a perfect place for you..

And my experience continues..England, here I come! =)


  1. Owh, dah nak tinggal kan Paris, nak gi England lak, huhuhu seronoknya:)

  2. seronok campur sedih la dib.. ;)

  3. kak madiha! cantik nyer bunga dia!!! belikan!!! haha :D smpai m'sia sure layu..eyh, kt dpn umah kak madiha tu..amenda?

  4. bunga dia mmg sangaatttttttt cantik2!!geram tengok!!rasa mcm nak beli je sume!!hehe..cubalah teka apa yg kat umah kak madiha first i thought it is a bridge..but actually it's not.. ;)

  5. hahaha..beli2 :D teka?? erk..ntah la..nk ckp trowong..xkn xmuat jer nk lalu..haha..gtau lah!! ;p

  6. it's actually lampu la caiiyaa..dlm tu byk mentol2 yg menerangi di waktu malam.. ;)