Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Trip To Europe..

I have 3 more weeks to go before going back to KL..My university sponsorship covers 2 weeks in Oxford, so I got 1 week left on my own expense..well..when i say my own expense,what i mean is my father’s I took this opportunity wisely by jalan2!! =D ohh by the way my father and my younger brother came on the last 2 days I’m in Paris..we began our journey by renting a car..

This is my first dream car and I have succeeded in persuading my father to rent it for our Europe trip..Volkswagen Passat..muahahahahah..

The 3 of us except my mum took turn driving around europe..sangat kekok handling a left-hand drive vehicle..Our next country after France is get to Italian border we have to pass through Mont Blanc tunnel..Mont Blanc sangat cantikkkkkkkkk..rumah2 dan hotel2 dibina di kawasan bukit-bukau diliputi salji menjadikan ia sebuah tempat peranginan yg sgt cantik..anyway our first stop in Italy is Milan (Milano)..

A town in Milan called Lambrate..

Passed by some factories such as mozarella cheese factory..a lot of names of Italian food were taken from places in Italy, for example there are places named Carbonara, Piezza, Bologna..I was wondering if places in K.L such as Sentul, Kerinchi, Damansara, were actually foooodddd..hehehe...

After Milan, we headed to Venice (Venezia)..i have dreamt to go to this place all my life..Alhamdulillah tercapai jugak hajat aku.. =D

When we reached Venice, it was snowing heavily!!

This is the nicest Italian I met..

Most of the gondolas are not in use during winter/heavy snow..

Florence (Firenze), Italy..

Menara condong Pisa!

Entering Switzerland..pemandangan dia sangat cantik sebenarnya..a lot of cottages are built di lereng-lereng bukit..

Lucerne (Luzerne), Switzerland..

The landmark..

In the city of Zurich, Switzerland..

Stuttgart, Germany..famous for its Mercedez & BMW antique museum..

The Black Forest, Germany..

After Black Forest, we stopped at other few places such as Baden-Baden, Wissembourg & Strasbourg......the trip was enjoyable!! =D


  1. waaa...cantik nyer!! eyh..xtry ke pizza dorg? sure sedap!!
    volkswagen passat? hello?! tlg, lain kte new beetle..baru cun..haha :)
    g venice tak naik bot die? xromantic la kalo cm tu..ape lahh..btw, da dapat 2org bf lum?? tu amanah raya from ira tu..ingat lg takk?

  2. beetle tu utk org2 tua yg kaya dan dah pencen macam mama ira bolehlaaa..

    gi venice naiklaahh bot dia..cuma tak post gambar venice tak naik bot tak sahlaaa..

  3. hahaha..tu new beetle...cute gler!! aww..haha.. yg dyung smpan tu ade nyanyi2 tak?