Monday, February 8, 2010

My Trip to the United Kingdom..

We took Eurostar to London..

Arrived at St. Pancras International..

Macam biasa terus cari kereta untuk father asked for a medium size car..We didn't know what kind of car they were going to give us..tup tup.. dream car again!!serius tak expect dia akan bagi the same car as in Europe!cuma warna je!..sukanya hatiiii..aku rasa aku memang ditakdirkan untuk drive kereta ni..hahaha.. =D but tetiba nak tukar right-hand drive kat UK dah kekok balik..baru dapat adjust left-hand drive..haihhh..

Tanpa membuang masa we headed straight away to Durham, New Castle, meeting my cousin studying there..

My younger brother, my mother & I in front of her house in Bowburn, Durham..

The Angel of the North..

New Castle City..sangat cantik..

Durham Castle..they claimed that Harry Potter movie shooting was taken from this castle..I don't know how true it is..but I think the Cristchurch in Oxford are more likely to be the shooting place..

After New Castle, we went to Lake District..sangatlah besar lake dia..the lake can be seen from 9 different places; west, east, central, mid-west so on and so forth..

After that we went to Kent, stayed for a while at Hever Golf & Country Club..

Few places we went before going to Central London..

The famous Oxford Street..

This is where I lived when I was in London in 1992..Ivor Court near Baker's Street..still looks the same..

The Buckingham Palace..

My official meeting with the Queen and Barack & Michelle Obama.. ;)

They were looking at their official photographer and I was looking at mine.. ;p

Change of Guard at Buckingham Palace..

Hard Rock..

The Big Ben..

The London Eye..

Part of Houses of Parliament/Palace of Westminster..

Tower Hill Station..

Tower of London..

Tower Bridge..

Me with Tom Cruise..Katie Holmes jangan marah yerrr.. ;)

Zac Efron..


George Clooneyyyy..

Brad Piiiiitttttttttttttt!!!!!

Sherlock Holmes..

Camden Town..

Malaysia Hall London..

The Trafalgar Square..dulu banyak burung2..boleh kasik makan..skang dah takde..sedih.. =(

Spot the Malaysian flag? That's the Ministry of Tourism..

Marble Arch..

Portobello Market..

Regent's Park..


huhhhh..tetibe rasa panjang la pulak entry nih..*sigh*..enjoy peeps!~ ;)


  1. nyer! ni yg kena ajak papa g tmpat kak amalina ni!! hahaha..wah, wah!! shrek tu bf baru kak madiha ker? hahaha..tgk korg sejuk jer..bape lapis this time??
    btw, ira nk shawl kak madiha..kalo bole, sume la yg kak madiha pakai, beli, ade..ira nk..tyvm :)

  2. hmmm mmg sejuuukk..berlapis2 jugakla..dtgla umah kak amalina..besar dan selesa.. =)