Friday, February 19, 2010

My Last Entry..

Setiap yang bermula pasti ada pengakhirannya..begitu jugalah dengan pengalamanku selama berada di luar negera..pengalaman yg tak mungkin aku to know new people from all walks of life..various cultures and attitudes..tapi dalam masa yang sama aku tetap tidak melupakan apa yang berlaku di tanah airku..

Weddings that I missed for the last almost four months..

1)Nuri's wedding
2)Mai's wedding
3)Izan's wedding
4)Liza's wedding
5)Mazat's wedding
6)Fida's wedding
7)Adha's wedding
8)Ayun's wedding
9)Maman's engagement
10)Yan's engagement

Thank you for all of your invitations and congratulations!! I am very happy for all of you guys.. =D

Happy occasions that I missed for the last almost four months..

1)Hari Raya Aidiladha..
2)Awal Muharram..
3)My father's birthday..
4)The delivery of Noi's baby!! To Mikael Farish..welcome into the Noi and Kerol, I am very happy for both of you..semoga kehadiran Mikael menambah keceriaan hidup kalian berdua.. =D
5)The delivery of Lydia's second child..
6)The delivery of Wantie's first baby girl! Congrats to Noi, Lydia & Wantie
7)Last but never least..the development stages of my beloved nephew, Adam Muhammad! Mak Ngah miss you soooooo much!! Can't wait to see you!

Sad and depressing events that I missed for the last almost 4 months..

1)Chu Limah was admitted..couldn't get up and walk for nearly a month I think..but now Alhamdulillah dah beransur pulih..

2)The death of my servant's mother...felt realllyyy sorryyyy for her...apa yg menyedihkan ialah she just got back from indon one week..apa yg lebih menyedihkan ialah she cried out loud for no reason the day before her mother passed if she already knew her mother was going to leave her forever..apa yg lebih menyedihkan lagi ialah dia mendapat berita kematian ibunya melalui telefon bimbitnya sewaktu dia tengah webcam dengan aku! memang aku terasa sangat.. =( ..Al-Fatihah..

My conclusion for European people:

French people? They are helpful..even if they don't speak English at all, you can still managed to get their help..same goes to Italian, German and Swiss..

Dutch people? They are helpful AND they speak English AND they are friendly..even when you are about to cross a road, they can still tegur u nicely while riding on a motorbike..

British people? Their hospitalities are the BEST!!! =D

orang kata..hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri..lebih baik negeri sendiri..

aku kata..hujan salji di negeri orang, hujan lebat di negeri sendiri..lebih baiklaaa hujan saljiiiii..lagi besttt..boleh maenn snowballlll..hahaaaaaa..

I suppose this is my last entry for this blog..the blog which I created to tell people about my experience..people who care about me back in Malaysia..

I do not have a FB account..yeahh I know..memang mundur..but I have no intention of having one anytime chill peeps~

whether I want to continue blogging or not?hmmm....we'll see.........

See you in the next chapter of my life.................................


  1. bole tak tetibe nk rasa sedih sbb ni last entry? hahahaha :) ala..smbung je la blog ni nnt :)
    n please..wat la fb =.=
    haha..miss u so much!! take care :) love u!!

  2. sis..
    wat jerk fb.. tp tk brp best sgt.. better u continue this blog.. lg besh.. sadis giler nk blik.. dok sner ajerkkk..btw, gud lark 4 ur research =P

  3. thank u guys..hope to see both of u soon..u too take care!