Sunday, November 15, 2009

Versailles & Giverny..

We went to Versailles yesterday..the weather was cold and windy there..

Next, we headed to Claude Monet, Giverny..

See the apple tree?..but sangatlah rugi pegi time skang coz of the autumn/winter..sume layu..suasana sangatlah menyedihkan..very gloomy..lavenders were supposed to fill all over the ground..

Dinner time..


  1. rumah sape tu madiha?cantik la..:)
    wei,hav u ever heard a shop or a place name TATI in paris? my fren told me tht over there they sell very cheap stuffs...go check it out babe ;)

  2. that is the house of Director MIDA Paris. I never heard of the place but I sure will check it out!!thanx..i found Uniqlo anyways..thinking of you! =)