Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS), Université Paris Diderot - Paris 7

2nd November was my first day to my university (2nd day of arrival)..Early in the morning my supervisor teach me how to ride a bus to my centre..it is easier to take a bus than metro coz you have to change the train twice...with a bus i can reach my centre in 10 minutes time..at the centre i was introduced to some people..my room is a room of 4 researchers..i get to know Sylvia, Nadine and Eric..everyone here at the centre speaks English whether they are French or Italian so there is not much problem with the language..but I am planning to learn some French also..Later in the afternoon I get to meet and have a discussion with the Director of the centre, Pascal Crozet..very charismatic yet simple kind of guy..In the evening the four of us plan to walk back home..the centre and my house is within walking distance so it is not that far to walk..plus the scenery is just breathtaking as I walk along the Seine River..

I go to the centre to work on my research almost everyday except for the weekend..I come to the centre around 9.30am and I go back before dark..Maghrib is around 5.30pm..I plan to take my mother tour Paris during the weekend..


  1. Salam, dib ni, selamat menambah ilmu di Paris,
    semoga sama2 berjaya, Jumaat ni baru saya nak jumpa Prof Zul utk pembaikian tesis
    tajuk Phd belum jumpa lg:(

  2. time kasih dib..all the best utk awak jugak..cpat2la carik tajuk phd..boleh join saya cepat.. =)

  3. salam 1 malaysia sis.. aha~~gud lark.. sis, bring 4 me eifel tower... can ar... uhuu.. sis.. put photo la~~ wanna to have a look about the uni..

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  5. dib ni:) cahayaberliku.blogspot.com, semoga kita same2 berjaya, doakan saya dpt ilhm tjk:)