Wednesday, November 4, 2009


This is a picture of me at my university..

Last time I was in Paris in 1992. I was in Standard 2 at that time. I remember visiting the Eiffel Tower with my family. At that time we just managed to go up until Level 2 because they closed the last level due to mist.

Today we took only half day at the centre and decided to go sightseeing. After having our lunch the five of us went to The Sacré-Coeur. Well, basically it is a church. It is surrounded by big town, like in Malaysia we have Chow Kit. Here the winter clothes are very cheap! And a wide selection of souvenirs, key-chain, glasses, t-shirts, you name it.

aku rasa badan aku sama besar dgn church tu..hahaha..

Next we headed to LaFayette. If in London they have Harrods, here they have LaFayette. They even have a bus-stop named after this dude. Busy and expensive place. A lot of people shopping. And let me repeat - shopping - not just window shopping. Diorang beli bag LV and all these branded things macam beli baju kat pasar malam. And then beli bag LV sume paperbag besar macam mesin basuh, mesin basuh aku pun lagi kecik. Gila. Swipe credit card kat Gucci macam tak payah bayar credit card tu. Sakit ati aku tengok. Nyampah. Hehe. But seriously, not just a few of them, plenty!

Then we visited Louvre, the famous museum, but only from the outside. It is still open but we decided to enter Louvre during the weekend as there will be plenty of time for us to walk around the whole building. From here also we can see the Eiffel Tower, sangat begemerlapan. Tapi aku tak amik gambar, amik gambar Louvre je.

This is the five of us..

Then hari pun dah malam kami pun baliklah..


  1. Sapa dua lagi tu?? yang tu us wan suhaimi, ustaz fauzi hamad, beli LV tak?? hehehe
    seronok jalan2,


  2. lagi dua tu mak saya dgn pensyarah UTP..tgh buat phd jugak bawah ust.wan suhaimi..dia pun dapat grant dari UTP buat attachment..tak bli LV la dib..tak mampu lg..heheh..

  3. salam sis..
    hope c-hat..
    yang macam piramid 2 aper?
    Louvre erk??
    wanna 2 see Eiffel Tower yang bergemerlapan..
    nnti letak erkk.
    thank u

  4. Eehehehe...pegi more sightseeing up more pictures...mish ya already!i saw the baju :D

  5. miss u too babe!dat baju we share together-gether..heheh..saiz my mum n i kan lebey kurang je..glad to have that sweater anyways!! =D