Wednesday, November 18, 2009

An Acquaintance..

My youngest brother is coming! yeayy!! senanglah nak teman aku ke sana ke mari..hhehe..he bought his ticket today..well, actually I was the one who bought the airline ticket for him.. =) Following 3 days after his arrival is my aunty with her 2 daughters. Can't wait!

Today I met new people at my centre, who happen to be in the same room with me. Each and everyone of them has their own field of research. One is a Belgian. His expertise is in psychology, more or less, teaching in Switzerland, living in Belgium, working in France. Kind of hectic don't you think? Well, he admits it. The other one is a French, who is an expert in philosophy of logic, teaching in Université de Paris 10. Eric, the one I told you before is in ethno-mathematics, Nadine is in physics philosophy and Sylvia is in Jewish studies/Hebrew manuscipt, also teaches in Italy. Very nice people though. They already have their PhD but I tell ya they look very young! Not to mention handsome and stylish too..ahakss..

P/s: hoping for my father and my younger brother to come soon!



  1. i wanna the see the handsome guy...ekekek aku ni si pengkomen tetap blog kau kan

  2. nanti ah..ada peluang aku amik gambar dgn dia.. ;)