Thursday, November 12, 2009

Motivational Quotes..

Last Monday I visited an emeritus professor whom I will be working with while I am in Paris. Former Director and the Founder of the centre I am in right now. He's aged, yet strong and very humble man. Wrote few series of encyclopedias, countless books and journals, currently working on last volume of one of his encyclopedias. His treatises are all over Paris bookshops, not to mention worldwide. He has his office where he does his research everyday, next to his house. We had a discussion at his office for about one hour and a half, I feel very tiny sitting in front of big names like him. Two things I remember him saying until now, and I will bear in mind until the end of my life..

If you help yourself, I will help you. If you guide yourself, I will guide you.

You have to work really hard. You and your professor (my supervisor) must work very hard.

These two things may seem as simple as it can be but when the words come from brilliant scholar like him, who devoted his life to write things that will last forever, even if he dies, that really touches my heart. Sangat menusuk kalbuku.. May Allah bless him and his family.


  1. salam madiha,

    sorilah lambat bukak email. tahniah dah ada blog sendiri.

    berada di dunia ph.d ni..meremang dgr nasihat supervisor baru awak ni:) go girl